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Steeped in the charm of bygone days with a close eye on the needs of the modern traveller. Our aim is to make your stay at Kilcoran Lodge both relaxing and highly enjoyable.



Some History…

It may surprise some to learn that Kilcoran Lodge Hotel, which lies about six miles west of Cahir in County Tipperary, is not in Kilcoran townland but in the townland of Cloheenafishoge in the civil parish of Tubrid. There are incompleted records indicating that there was most likely a building of some description on this land since sometime after Cromwell’s rampages throughout Ireland.

Murdoch Family portrait

These are the three children of a Mrs Murdoch from Kilcoran Lodge, Cahir, Co. Date: Wednesday, 27 September 1905

According to a survey conducted for valuations in 1848, there were more than seventy households in Cloheenafishoge. However by 1852 there were a mere nineteen households. What had happened? It was around the same time that the Earl of Glengall received possession the lands. At this point, there was still no building on the site where the hotel now stands.

The Glengall estate was then bought by Robert E. Murdoch, and it is estimated that Kilcoran Lodge was constructed between 1854 and 1856 as records indicate state Robert Murdock is occupying a house called Kilcoran Lodge on the site of the current hotel. It is unclear whether Kilcoran was Murdock’s main residence. It is possible that his main residence was in Dublin as his son was born there in the early 1870’s. It may be that Kilcoran was a second home. In “CAHIR- A Guide to Heritage Town and District”, David J. Butler reported that the Murdoch family “resided on their small estate based at Rehill and Kilcoran from the 1870’s until it’s sale in 1941.

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The next generation of Murdoch, also named Robert, was born about 1871 in Dublin. In the 1901 census, this Robert was reported as the head of a family residing in a private dwelling house in Cloheenafishoge. The house is rated 1st class with ten front windows and eight outbuildings. The family is occupying seventeen rooms in this house. By 1911 the dwelling was still listed as 1st class and seemed to have been enlarged with the family residing in twenty four rooms. The Murdoch family maintained a relationship with the property for eighty eight years.

It was in 1941 that records show a PJ Lonergan as being the occupier of Kilcoran Lodge, and the property is described in those records as being a ‘Licenced Hotel’. It is suggested that much of the original furniture from Robert Murdoch’s time was retained in the hotel.

In the early 1960’s, Kilcoran Lodge was acquire by James Burke and extensive renovations took place. The Burke family resided at the hotel and continued to enhance the wonderful reputation of Kilcoran Lodge.

Another owner, George Haines, also resided at the hotel – in the section referred to as ‘the east wing’. Today, that section of the hotel contains the conference area. Under George’s ownership, the swimming pool and leisure centre were added in 1988.

Since then, the hotel has seen several other owners, each adding their own value to the physical property and reputation of the hotel.